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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Life after Birth

Hello Hello,
It's been forever!

Babies are home and healthy. What little bundles of joy!

I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with the family: babies, parents and grandparents. They are adorable. Both re over 7 lbs  so they're still small and have that wonderful baby smell. I don't ever recall babies smelling good but Tilden and Sibley did :)

I was so smitten and am ever so grateful to the parents for allowing me to remain in both theirs and their mini's lives.

Lil Gen was sad that she wasn't able to come see the babies so she made them a drawing of balloons, stickers, and glitter!!

I'm back to work, that sucks :) The memories I had being home with my daughters for 2 months is something i will forever cherish. It was heart breaking for both them and I when i had to drop them off at daycare.

Here's an updated picture of lil Gen and Gianna:

While visiting they gave me gift which made smile and reminded me of a funny moment we shared.

Super bowl Sunday, the day before Tilden and Sibley came into this world, their mom told me she had a dream that one of the babies turned into a football. Their dad said that he had a crazy dream too and that there were actually 3. I had also had a very odd dream and shared with them that I dreamt I gave birth to a baby St. Bernard and a duck.... crickets... crickets... oops weird overload. Here are the gifts they gave me to remind me of that silly moment.

N-e-who i hope all is well with everyone! So thankful for this experience!


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